Guide to the Grid: Level 1

What the hell is water?

Visualization of gird components and how they link together (Source)

Supply and Demand

Managing the grid

  1. Short term: forecasts 1 hour — 1 week in advance and estimates the amount of electricity flowing through transmission equipment at a given time to prevent overload, thereby increasing grid reliability and reducing the chances of a blackout.
  2. Medium-term: forecasts1 week — 1 year in advance and estimates future demand to help plan new infrastructure and determine whether it will be sufficient to meet demand.
  3. Long-term: 1 year+; similar to medium-term forecasting, estimates future load demand to test whether infrastructure plans will be sufficient for expected future demand.

Market & Structure

Map of ISO/RTO coverage regions in North America (Source)

Grid Innovation




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The Existential Investor

The Existential Investor

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